Not only beautiful to wear turbans us feel proud

Why do not we move it to the stage of the not everyone needs to get a hobby
Let's get together and show us what the turban
That's called a seer live today without the turban

posted on jan 13, 2013

chandigarh relly
coming soon

7 hours ago

posted on jan 2, 2013

Turbon color ofthe
month red

7 hours ago
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With a view to adorn every Punjabi look graceful with a turban, the symbol of punjabi heritage and culture, efforts started with a small group of youth. Whose enthusiastic campaign, hailed with great zeal and fervor gave birth to Sardarian Youth Club {regd}. The Campaign started at the Guruduara sahib of Sri Guru Singh Sabha in april 2005 got itself registered on june7-2007 in the name of Sardarian Youth Club {Regd} Barnala Which devoted itself to this great noble cause.
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